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All executors and above should know that the recruiting level for DarkLord is currently 35+.

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

Welcome to DarkLord!

Hello and welcome to the DarkLord website!
We are an easygoing level 3 faction in Raging Tides that likes to have fun and help others. Having a good time is what we're all about! Our aim is to create a fun environment and try being the best that we can be. We'll help with your FBs and when you need your bosses slaughtered!

We have a Ventrilo server which we currently use to voice-chat during our FBs, BHs and TT runs (possibly TW in the future? Give us support and feedback if this is a road you would like us to follow!). The IP and Port numbers for the Vent server are in the forums in the members only section. Feel free to come join us and chit chat if you are a member! (Members of the faction Relient also join our vent quite often, so don't feel insecure if there are other people in our ventrilo! :)) 

New members are required to register with this website upon joining the faction (it's mandatory!). I would like to ask that your username be the name of your main character in the faction, only to make it easier to recognize you in the game. 

Although we try to help our members as if they were members of our own families, we can't always be there to assist everyone. Please be patient with us, as leading a faction of 70+ people is hard to do alone. Help us by being respectful and mature and not throwing tantrums when you can't get help or don't get your way; we WILL NOT baby you or plvl you. Also, if you require detailed assistance or coaching with your leveling, build, class-related issues or have questions we may not be able to answer, I have provided some links to the Perfect World website that will help no matter what your experience level is.

Remember that behind every character in the game is a real person, so treat them how you wish to be treated. One thing I don't tolerate is being cruel to others or picking fights for no particular reason. And if there is a reason to be upset with another person or something that happens, then please deal with the situation calmly and maturely. Keeping a cool head is the way of DarkLord, and we like to discuss issues thoroughly to decide on reasonable solutions. Also, if you are dissatisfied with getting assisted in the game, or you are having trouble getting in contact with me or any of my officers, I have attached a Needs List to the main page of this site where you are able to request help with quests and/or problems you've experienced within the faction. 

Forums: I will be editing the forums on a later date, since most of the posts there are made by the previous leader Bong_Water. Feel free to post interesting topics for discussion!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the site! 

P.S. Post in-game screenshots as well as pics of yourself in the Image Gallery, we'd love to feel what it's like to play the game from your side of things!

-Fleuri (Leader)

Needs list

Snowstormfir, Jun 11, 10 5:50 PM.
Just saying I removed the needs list on the front page and instead made a forum area for it :) Also the needs list is now going to be a way to ask for something from the faction bank.



Fleuri, Jun 9, 10 1:15 AM.
Guys, since we have now around 100 members, it's time to raise the requirements for new members joining our faction. Please try to recruit members of level 35 and over. Once we hit close to 150 mostly active members I will suggest a new requisite. Also, please refer new members to this site!

Keep up the good work and bein' sexy.


f-f-f-faction bank

Snowstormfir, Jun 6, 10 7:18 AM.
A new tab has been added in the nav bar for (members only) to be able to view what is held inside the DarkLord faction bank. :) Please send a mail on this site or a mail in game to myself or SnowMaster to check if you are able to take something from the bank (we will discuss it and see if you deserve it). If there is a piece of armor or a material you don't need anymore then feel free to mail it to one of us so we can put it in the bank. Anything is welcome. 


Info i know of on Infamy break up and to aid in TW indevours

NZDeathDealer, Jun 4, 10 4:21 PM.
I would just like to say that I know that a large number of infamys high lvls have left as i see a lot of them running around factionless now. With all the other factions aiming to wipe out the remaining infamy we will need millions to win a bid and i know that the faction NightRage which is a part of infamy has taken in a lot of the high lvls of infamy. So they will more then likely go for some of the territory i know the bidding has ended i just thought i would let anyone who reads this the know this info as i hear it from my brother who is in NightRage... and they are also fairly expereinced in TWs so just a friendly point of warning if we do go down this path........

So when we do get into them just remember it will be quite a while before we manage to get far with them.. but i will any time im on during them participate if time permits it lol


Fleuri, Jun 3, 10 10:47 PM.
Hey guys, just want everyone to know that we did not make the bid on TW this week. With all factions placing bids at the same time it was pretty chaotic; looks like everyone wanted a piece of the map from Infamy this weekend. I was just a little too slow. It sucks that we can't experience Territory Wars together as a faction this time, but there will be other chances in the future. In the meantime, continue with leveling your characters and being polite, helpful and respectful and we can watch how the Territory Wars play out in the game. 

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